Conversations on the Periphery: Women Art Activism in Khirki Village, New Delhi, India

‘Conversations on the Periphery: Art Activism in Khirki Village, New Delhi, India’ by Gendering the Smart City project (#GSCProject) societal partner REVUE Art artists Sreejata Roy and Mrityunjay Chatterjee. Reblogged from Dr Margaret Olin, Senior Research Scholar, Department of the History of Art, Yale University, at her blog Touching Photographs. All photographs and text (c) Margaret Olin.

Touching Photographs


A female soccer player, who once faced another girl playing soccer, now seems bewildered to find herself addressing a mysterious man wearing a halo of banned currency. No doubt the man was intended to be a statement concerning the current demonetization crisis, but his presence left the girls of the Khirkee Collective, who painted the soccer players, in a dilemma. While the artist who painted the man felt no qualms about painting a mural over the girls’ soccer mural, the collective has a code that forbids them to paint over the work of another street artist. The mustached man must remain and so must some offensive graffiti to the right of the mural. The girls made a plan to rescue their mural another way and met a few Saturdays ago to implement it.

20161126-img_7801crvcrpFortunately, there was now room on the left side of the wall where earlier a garbage heap…

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