Humari Kahani, Humari Zubani [Our stories, our voices]

Humari Kahani, Humari Zubaani is a community podcast on different aspects of life made by women from Khadar and Bawana, New Delhi. The podcast was conceptualized and recorded by the women using only their cell phones in the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in late 2020.

The podcast was a result of a series of workshops facilitated by Jagori, New Delhi. The workshops were conducted by Sunayana Wadhawan and Amartya Ghosh.

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Episode 1

‘What is the importance of time in our lives?’ ‘Is time different for men and women?’ ‘What would we do if we had more time?’ How we spend the time that we do have and so much more.


Episode 2

Who decides what we can wear? What society thinks and what we think of our agency to wear clothes and be free of social norms and control.


Episode 3

What we think of our education and why it is important to us. What our mothers dream for us and what challenges we face from society to fulfil those dreams. How did the pandemic change things and a song for all of us from Jagori.


Marriage/शादी [coming soon]

This episode tackles subjects like the right age to marry or not, career aspirations, freedom to choose your partner, dowry and widow remarriage.  Hear it from our mothers point of view, and what we feel too !